Bhutan Teer Result Today & Bhutan Teer Common Numbers

Bhutan Teer Result Today is a lottery where the lucky person wins playing teer. To play Bhutan Teer you have to buy teer numbers of the Bhutan Teer lottery. The lottery draws every day with 2 rounds. People can our website to get the lottery update any time of the day. Before joining the site, you should know that all the genuine information and Bhutan Teer Formula related to the game are not hidden from any side and are listed in the database of the site. So you can have full knowledge about the game as well as its procedure.

Bhutan Teer Result


FR (4:20PM)

SR (5:10PM)



Bhutan Night Teer Result


FR (09:10 PM)

SR (10:00 PM)



Bhutan Teer Common Numbers






H - 9

E - 5


H - 3

E - 9

Direct Numbers

FR - 73

SR - 81

More about Bhutan Teer Result & Bhutan Teer Formula

If you are not satisfied with the results or you want to know the latest Bhutan Teer common number Today & Bhutan Teer Formula that are updated on a daily basis, you should visit the “” site. If you have no time to visit the site then you can just bookmark the website and follow the simple steps. When you are bookmarking, you will get regular updates of Bhutan Teer Common Numbers by simply clicking the link as well as an access code for entering the draw. Once you are through with it then you can just start playing the game.

Bhutan Teer Result Today

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When you are through with it, you may just click the button “Bhutan Teer” and you will get the Bhutan Teer common number Today & Bhutan Teer Common Numbers right away. If you want to know the results of the first round, then you can check out the results of that round on the left panel. It will give you a link to the results of Bhutan Teer Result Today. If you like the results then you can click on the “Bhutan Teer” button.

Bhutan Night Teer Result

To have a better understanding of the meaning of the Bhutan Night Teer Result, it would be helpful to know how the game is played of Bhutan Night Teer Result. The first round in the game is announced at 09:10 PM & the second round teer result is announced at 10:00 PM. This Bhutan Night Teer Result is played every night and the participant is required to predict the numbers & the Bhutan night teer common number is available on this site. This guessing process is followed till the time when the teer has started which makes up the right card in the deck. The player gets to guess the number of cards in a straight line from left to right for as many consecutive numbers as the player requires. We update Bhutan Teer Common Numbers before time every day.

If you like to play Bhutan Night Teer Result online then you must know about online teer. Bhutan Night Teer is an option where one can earn money with other Bhutan Night Teer results to win cash prizes. It is a common misconception that Bhutan Teer Result Today is won by a player who places first or second. This is not true. There is another round called ‘First Shot’ in which players are given a limited number of shots to play with. The winner of this teer result can get the best amount of money by buying the exact hit numbers.

Bhutan teer result list

Once the player is done guessing the right number, he gets to see his Bhutan teer result list. The game shows the player his own previous result in the form of dream numbers. This dream number will help the player to find out the right card. For the dream numbers to appear, the player has to accumulate the right numbers from his Bhutan teer result list. Once this card appears, the game is over and the player is declared the winner. Bhutanese have a special method to decide a winner through the dream numbers; it is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the players.

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